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Vineyard Bike Trails in 3 Countries

Vineyard Bike Trails in 3 Countries

Biking Tour

PointHungary – Slovakia – Czech rep.Date19-25.08.2023, Upon Agreement
Price: 595,- EUR

South Moravian Wine Trail - Small Wine Route - Danube Lakes with Wheel


In September the wine-making begins. In Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic the wine making culture was developed already in the time of the Romans. The wine of many wine-growing regions in these countries was very popular on the European tables. The wine-making tradition has lasted here and nowadays it is experiencing an upswing. The cultivated vineyards are part of a beautiful landscape, which is woven by many wonderful cycle paths. All regions offer not only unique natural beauty but also many opportunities for cultural visits.


Our cycling week starts in Hungary. The first cycling tour takes us across the flatland of the Szigetköz (river island) on the Danube. We will admire the jungle scenery of the Danube valleys and pass through the unique chestnut trees. The well-known wine region of Neszmely is located further east from our route, but also here in every place delicious wines are offered. After 2 nights in the small thermal city Mosonmagyarovar we move to the nearby, loving mountain small Carpathians in Slovakia. From the resort Harmonia we take 2 bike tours,  on small carpathian wine trail and partly on romantic forest roads. Then South Moravia is last on the agenda. The highlands of the river Dyje and March form a highly interesting bioregion. It is littered with vineyards and wineries. Many ponds, dense forests, green meadows make the characteristics of the landscape. There are numerous cultural monuments (Znojmo, Mikulov, Lednice, Valtice) and a wide selection of good cycling trails. We make 3 unforgettable bike tours there.


Saturday: Arrival in Mosonmagyarovar. Hungary. First accomodating. Than visit of the great thermal baths. Dinner and presentation of the program.

Sunday: Danube Island. The route of this round-trip tour goes zigzag between the Danube and its sidearm Mosoni danube. Traffic-free roads, partly good gravel roads, quiet villages, many small lakes, fields alternate with forests. The route is flat, but not boring. Length: 54 km.

Monday: RouteTo Red castle. First by bus to Bratislava (22 km). Visit the old town. Bus trip to Harmonia (27 km). Accommodation and lunch at our Hotel Pod Lipou. At 1:00 pm we jog our bikes and get up to the ridge of the Little Carpathians. Below the mountain Vysoka (754m) we enter the Hunters area Kobilie. A long descent and a short climb takes us to the castle Cerveny Kamen. Although originally built by the Fugger in the first half of the 16th century, its history is linked to the Palffys until the Second World War. This important Hungarian family gradually transformed the castle into a representative settlement with rich stuccoes and frescoes. After the visit we continue 9 km to Harmonia. 39 km and 352 meters of altitude.

Tuesday: Small Carpathian Wine Trail. We start in Winzerdorf Dolany, which we reach by bus (14 km). On a narrow, romantic forest road (Asphlat) we cross the ridge below the highest mountain of the Little Carpathians Zaruby (767 m). Mysterious ponds, castle ruins Korlatko and Ostry came, dripping drin. A wonderful descent brings us to the Bukova reservoir. After a short break we continue on the west side of the Little Carpathians to Solosnica. From here, we cross first through a long and deep valley (asphalted forest road) and the crest for the second time. From the saddle to meadows lovely descent to Sklene Huty, then a short ascent and finally final descent to Dolany. Wine tasting takes place here. 47 km and 520 heights.

Wednesday: Wine Route Mutenice. First with our bus over the border to Moravsky Ziskov (about 100 km). This hilly cycling tour in the famous South Moravian wine region Pavlovice -Bilovice is very varied. Well-kept vineyards, pine forests, winemaker villages, small and large lakes. The tour ends in Bojanovice. From here by bus to our third site Pavlov (28 km). 51 km and 455 meters of altitude.

Thursday: Znojmo and Thayasbruchbruch. With bus 38 km to the starting point. A beautiful, slightly hilly forest road takes us to the old town of Znojmo. After a guided tour of the city, we will stop at Dyje National Park. We descend into the beautiful valley of Thayasbruch and in the village Satov we visit unique, cellar, excavated in the sand. 49 km and 465 meters of altitude.

Friday: Mikulov - Valtice cycle route. Directly from Pavlov we first cycle through nature reserve Pavlovske vrchy. Gentle hillside, vineyards, limestone cliffs, mysterious ponds, old town Mikulov and Ledniceareal, which is on the list of world cultural monuments UNESCO. It is a complex of nature, parking, canals and interesting architectural buildings. The most beautiful part of the route comes to an end.

  • Requirements: good sport condition
  • Equipment: trecking bike, backpack or bike bag, Bike equipment, jacket etc.
  • Our Services includes: 6x Bed & HB Meals (double rooms with shower), cycling guide, admission to cultural monuments, gift and insurance, diploma.
  • A minimum of 6 people