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Crossing High Tatras

Crossing High Tatras

Trecking Tour - Hut to Hut hiking with peaks climbing

PointSlovakia - High TatrasDate10-17.08.2024, 23-30.09.2024, Upon Agreement
Price: 795,- EUR

Compared to other high mountains in the world High Tatras are small. However, its character after all is a typical high altitude mountain range. It is not only the dominant part of the Carpathians but is also the highest peak between the Alps in the west and the Urals and the Caucasus in the east. Close to 600 peaks rises up from the valleys, including 300 summits of which reach the elevation of 2500 m above sea (8000ft). The High Tatras is particularly known for its numerous, very different and often steap valleys. A great rewards are more than 85 mountain glacier lakes and a very rich and interesting flora and fauna. The majority of the High Tatras are located in Slovakia. The climate has a continental character, however due to altitude snow remains in some parts through out the year.

The crossing of the High Tatras is not an ordinary hike. Its hike withs many harder climbings (Dificulity A part B), a lot of altitude difference, often steep up and down a steep slope, in romantic nature with the rocks walls paradise, simple but clean cabins. In this most favorite from hut to hut hike we will visit five most beautiful highaltitude huts of the High Tatras. Many participants were surprised how exhausting the crossing is. A capable hiker from our last crossing said: "The tours brought rebirth of my body" The crossing takes place from east to west, the daily stages require 5-7 hours of walking, the tour starts in the mountain resort Zdiar which lies on the edge of the Belianske Tatras... .To Zdiar we return on Thursday. Our last tour will be in the picturesque mountains Slovak Paradise and we connect them with interesting cultural visits. Proper variety of challenging hiking week. So High Tatras with mountain guide.

High Tatras Hiking


Saturday: Arrival in Zdiar. Quartered in the beautiful Pension Kamzik. Dinner. Presentation of the program.

Sunday: The Tatra Belienske. We depart directly from our Pension. By Monkova Dolina we climb on to Siroke sedlo (1825 m). Magnificentl views. Descent over some lakes to Chata pri Zelenom plese (1505 m). Walking time: 5 hours, altitude: up 1005 m, 345 m down.

Monday: Passing to Velká Studená dolina. Difficult climb. First, a steep climb (nomarking route) on Baranie sedlo (2360 m). Some vertical climbing. The more fit ones may still climb from the saddle on Baranie rohy summit (2526 m). Descent into Malá Studená dolina is unpleasant in some stone rubble. Lunch break at the hut (Terryho chata - 2005 m). Then back up to sedlo Priecne. The final section of lightweight climbing. From the saddle, leads a leisurely walk in the picturesque valley Velká Studená dolina to Zbojnícka chata (Robbers hut, 1960 m). Total of 8 hours and 1320 meters of altitude.

Tuesday: Velická dolina and Tatra arterial. Out Of Zbojnícka chata goes a steep but shorter and technically easy climb to pass Prielom (2290 m). From the pass its shortlly difficult (climbing) and than smoothly up on Polsky pass. From here is about 30 minutes to the summit Východná Vysoká (2429 m). Descent to the mountain hotel Schleßienhaus (Sliezky dom) passes quickly. Then continue on the hilly and beautiful trail (Tatra arterial) to the hut Popradské Pleso (1500 m). 7 hours and 800 meters.

Alternative route: Via East Iron Gate pass. (Shorter, techically more challenging off the track route)

Wednesday: Vysoká (2560 m) and the highest Polish peak Rysy (2499 m). This double summit ascent is the highlight of our mountain hike. Some unmarked path and some climbing (difficulity B). Heading down we visit the Rysy Hut (2200 m). 7 hours and 1250 meters of altitude.

Thursday: Kôprovský stit (2363 m). This scenic splendor tour takes us first to the magnificent lake Hincovo pleso, located at the end of the valley Veľká Mengusovská dolina. The climb to the summit is pleasant and breathtaking views to Poland. 5 hours and 830 meters. After the tour descent to Strbske Pleso. With the Tatra train and bus to Zdiar where we started.

Friday: Slovak Paradise. With car or minibus to Podlesok. We pay a visit and historic wooden church in Kezmarok Levoca exceeded Klamm gorge Sucha Bela. Descent through the second gorge Piecky. After the tour the spa at Vrbove. Farewell party.

Saturday: Return home.


  • 4 great summit climbs on the way. Beautiful mountain huts and cabins, many unmarked mountain guide routes.
  • 6 beautiful mountain tours with day trips 5 to 7 hours of walking time and a total of 5000 meters of altitude.
  • 2 National Park with a final dream tour in Gorgeous Slovak Paradise.

  • Reqirements: good sport fitness, no fear of heigts,
  • Equipment: solid hiking boots, Climbing&hiking clothes inc waterproofs, mouteineering helmet, gloves, hat, for untrained harness, a good backpack,
  • Meeting point: Saturday - Pension Kamzik ​​Zdiar to 17.Uhr,
  • Our services includes: accommodation with half meal (double room with toilet and shower in the hotel and mountain inn Kamzik ​​Popersee, 2x cottage accommodation with linen), German-English speaking mountain guide, insurance, trail map, deed.
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 People.