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Mountain Week in West and Low Tatras

Mountain Week in West and Low Tatras

Hiking, Climbing and Canoing

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Price: 595,- EUR

Slovakia is a small country, but still has 12 000 km of marked trails. In the Slovak Carpathians, you can always find new attractive paths in the high mountains or hike unmarked trail. Every day is full of pleasant surprises and new experiences. The Summit Tour on Krakova hola (1761 m)  is the most beautiful in the Low Tatras. There by in Machnate will be our climbing mini course. The Western Tatras is high mountain range. It is not higher but larger, more gentle but sometimes wild and much quieter than the High Tatras. Our crossing will start up along the mountain Sivy hill (1804 m), where the long, often sharp ridge begins. We climb one of the the highest peak Banikov (2173 m). Also with climbing(grade A/B) . 2 Cabin nights. Crossing of the Westtatra main ridge is unforgetable experience. Slovakia is rich in natural gorges. This time we walk the gorge Prosiecka dolina. The romantic river Vah Cierny brings us first white water experience. A real highlight of the sporting week. Location - Liptovsky Jan. One ideal starting point for all tours.

Tour plan:

Day 1: Arrival in Liptovsky Jan (Pension Gavalier)

Day2: Krakova hola - Low Tatras. This mountain is located out of the main ridge. It is a aclimatization tour. This is not difficult but not easy. Preparing for the West Tatras. Beautiful landscapes. Different ways of ascent and descent. After hot springs spa in Liptovsky Jan.

Day3: Machnate climbing and climb to the hut červenec. To improve after 2 nights in Liptovsky Jan we will try our climbing skills in a playful way climbing Machnate near Demanovska dolina (minicourse of climbing, etc.). This takes place in the morning. In the afternoon we hike to first peak Babky (1544 m) in the Western Tatras. A unique region (unique flora&fauna). We stay in a self catering mountain hut červenec (only soup and drinks available to the host). 3 hours and 725 meters.

Day 4: Crossing the West Tatras - 1 Stage. First is Sivy peak. With the summit, we reach the main ridge. From here, always up and down and over Brestova, Salatin and "Moon Area" on Skriniarky, Banikov (2178 m). Then Tri Kopy - some nice climbing. Of Smutne sedlo (1962 m) we ascend to Ziarska chata (1540 m). Here we stay in mountain HUT. 8 hours and 1321 meters of altitude. Difficult to Moderate hike. There is also easier variant possibility.

Day 5: Crossing the West Tatras - 2nd stage. Of first hut on Ziarke sedlo and Placlivo summit (2126 m). Then climbing Ostry Rohac. Descent to Jamnické pleso. Long Jamnicka Valley brings us Rackova dolina. 6 hours and 917 meters of altitude. With taxi to Liptovsky Jan.

Day 6: Black Vah - canoe trip. With Our cars to Svarin (10 km), where the river Vah Cierny from the gorge beggins and is not so wild. First, some paddle exercises. The boats are stable and maneuverable. Suitable for beginners. The interesting down the river we finish in Kralova Lehota.

Day 7: Hiking in Prosiecka and Kvačianska dolina. This narrow rocky valleys and gorges are in Choc mountains (17 km from Liptovsky Jan). Peace and quiet. The round trip is comfortable and lovely.

Day 8: Departure home.

  • Our services includes: accommodation with half meal (breakfast, dinner), German-English speaking mountain guide, insurance, trail map, equipment for canoing, climbing.
  • Equipment needed: solid hiking boots, right hiking/Climbing clothes, good backpack, oldshues for canoeing, swimmwear
  • Sleeping: 2 x Cottage, 5 x Guesthouse (double room with shower)
  • A minimum of 6 people.