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Along the trecks of Monarchs by Bike

Along the trecks of Monarchs by Bike

Treckingbike touring week

PointHungary and SlovakiaDate8-15.09.2019, Upon Agreement
Price: 335,- EUR

Through Danube meadows – Small Carpathians Wine Route – Silver town Banska Stiavnica

Our second bike event is a proper mix of bike tours in two countries (Western Slovakia and Northwest Hungary). They are not hard and they’re connected to cultural sightseeing. A participant called them “Tracking the monarchy”. In Hungary, we will discover the jungle nature of the Danube meadows, swim in nice gravel ponds and visit fish restaurants. In the lovely mountains of Small Carpathians, we'll go to the breath-taking forest paths, around some romantic castle ruins and ponds and we'll drive through the vineyards. The bike tour in the mountainous region around Banska Stiavnica will be the peak of our tour. The town Banska Stiavnica (also called Silver Town) is a jewel of Slovakia. It became the biggest centre of the fine metals mining in the whole Habsburg monarchy. The town is inscribed in the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

We offer the bike tours from three starting points: Halaszi in Hungary, Modra – Harmonia and Svaty Anton in Slovakia.


Sunday: Arrival in Halaszi (Guesthouse Regia)

Monday: Debris island Dunasziget – 1. Stage. Firstly on cycling path to the small town of Mosonimagyarovar – then further alongside river Mosoni Duna, which leads us to the landscape of Danube meadows. In Lipot Thermal Spa. Through wonderful 3km long chestnut alley back to Halaszi. 44km. No measures of altitude.

Tuesday: Debris Island – 2. Stage. Firstly on the bike path to Kimle. Zigzag at Mosoni Duna – then Danube meadows at Asvanyiraro and again on bike path through Hedervar back to Halaszi. 47km. No altitude.

Wednesday: Bike path of Small Carpathians – to Castle Cerveny kamen. The day begins with the sightseeing of the nice old town of Bratislava. We break out to the bike path from the relax spot of Harmonia. Under the hill Vysoka (754m), we step into the hunting area Kobilie. A long drive and a short rise brings us to the castle Cerveny kamen. We lay our bikes down here. The castle sightseeing is a cultural experience. Even though it was originally built in the first half of the 16th century by the Fugger’s, its history is from 1558 until the Second World War connected to the Palfys. This important Hungarian family re-built the castle gradually to a representation seat. You can admire here historical furniture, arms, knight rooms, castle chapel and a huge vine cellar.  After the sightseeing, we drive to the Small Carpathian – Vine Street. In place Modra wine testing. 40km and 480 meters of altitude.

Thursday: Small Carpathian bike tour – Round Dolany. We saddle our bikes in the town of winemakers Dolany. On a narrow forest path, we cross the main ridge under the highest peak Zaruby (767m). While wandering we saw mysterious ponds, castle ruins Kolatko and Ostry. Stalactite cave Driny. A lovely departure brings us to the imposing reservoir of Plavecky castle up to the spot Solosnica. From here, there is a bike path leading through a long and deep valley back to the ridge. From the saddle of Ompitalska, we drive through the grasslands to Sklenne huty. One more short rise and we are finally at the ending turn back to Dolany. 46km and 520 meters of altitude. Car drive to Svaty Anton (110km).

Friday: Around Sitno. The hill Sitno is protected from three sides by the steep rocky walls. On the fourth one, there stands the castle Sitno. Our bike path leads through a lovely landscape around the breath-taking summit. Firstly we visit the monumental baroque-classic castle Antol. Until the end of the Second World War, the Bulgarian czar Ferdinand Coburg had his seat here. Nowadays, the castle is converted into a museum of hunting. We admire the wonderful setting with original furniture and numerous hunting trophies. Then, we ride in the Silver Town Banska Stiavnica. We take our time for sightseeing. We leave the old town in direction Stiavnicke bane alongside many mountain seas, which are called tajcha here. They are a unique work connected to the mines in this region. The most of the artificial water tanks were created in the 18th century. From the 60 tanks, more than a half managed to be kept. Nowadays, they serve for relax, as water reservoirs and for fishing sport. From the last sea Pocuvadielske jazero, a wonderful path awaited us. Nobody will wish for this road to come to an end. 45km and 520 metres of altitude.

Saturday: Going home

  • Requirements: good sport condition
  • Equipment: trecking bike, backpack or bike bag, Bike equipment, jacket etc.
  • Our Services includes: 6x Bed & HB Meals (double rooms with shower), cycling guide, admission to cultural monuments, gift and insurance, diploma.
  • A minimum of 6 people